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Frequently Asked Questions


Have another question not listed here?

Feel free to contact the Campus Minister, or just stop by the office! 

Who is the Newman Center for?

Any young adult age 18-25, especially students at Keene State College, Antioch University and River Valley Community College. The Campus Minister also serves the staff and faculty of the area colleges.

Do I need to be Catholic to be involved?

Nope! You don't have to be Catholic, and you don't have to have every part of faith and spirituality figured out either--all are welcome here! 

Is the Newman Center part of Keene State College?

Nope! We're an independently funded and functioning ministry that is for the College, but not of the College. We're blessed to have a good working relationship with College administration that allows the Campus Minister to be a part of campus life, but the two are distinctly separate.


If you're a Keene State Student, you are eligible to join the college-sponsored Catholic Student Organization! For more information about this student-led group, email the Campus Minister.

Is the Newman Center connected to a parish?

Yes! While we're a ministry of the Diocese of Manchester, we are pleased to be in relationship with the Parish of the Holy Spirit. Bernard's Church is located just a block away from the Keene State College campus, on Main Street.

I was raised Catholic, but I'm not sure what I believe...


That's just fine! Faith, contrary to what you might see from others, isn't about having all the answers. College and young adulthood is an important time of exploration and discovery--and your spiritual life shouldn't be immune to that!  Whether you have questions or doubts about your Catholic upbringing, need help with understanding actual Catholic teachings, or you're just sort of curious about what it means to be Catholic, you're welcome here.


We've participated in the KSC Safe Space training, so be assured that you are welcome here no matter your sexual orientation or gender identity. 


The Campus Minister's office (and our community as a whole) is an open and safe space to ask the questions and have the conversations that lead to greater understanding of ourselves and our spirituality. 

So how do I get involved?


Here, you'll find a ton of information on events and student groups, including the Keene State College Catholic Student Organization, which is a great place to start!  


Click through the menu bar above to check out different ministries and ways to get involved, or drop the Campus Minister a line to meet up sometime!

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