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Donate to the Newman Center!

Your generosity directly impacts the ways we can bring Christ to campus!

"You see, "support" means so much more to us than money....It means looking at the young adults in our midst as not just the future of the Church, but the present as well..."

Dear Brother or Sister in Christ,


Pew Research Studies and parking lot anecdotes sometimes paint a bleak picture of the Millenial generation's involvement in the church today--but that's not what I see on a daily basis here in Keene. I see students and young adults who have a genuine craving for the Truth. They ask hard questions, they don't take fluff answers, they strive and search for meaning in ways that rival the most intrepid mountaineer. And they do it all while they're taking a full class load, heading three extracurriculars to pad their resumes, and working two jobs to pay for their education. The students in Keene astound me with their passion, their drive, and their no-nonsense approach to just about everything. 


It's because of this passion that, over the past few years, I've had the privilege to witness some truly incredible moments: a Sophomore changing his major because of his experiences on the Spring Break Mission Trip, groups of students praying together for healing after the Pumpkinfest Riots, a Junior walking away from fraternity life and farther into the Church because the two just couldn't work together anymore--in short, the growth of a truly Christ-centered community that many thought was impossible at this school and in this town. And it is all because of support.


You see, "support" means so much more to us than just money.  It means comitting to pray for our ministry and our students (our community has grown so much in the last few years because of prayer!), welcoming students when you see them at Mass and following up with them the next week and the week after that. It means looking at the young adults in our midst as not just the future of the Church, but the present as well, using their God-given gifts and talents for the enrichment of our worship and community life. At times, "support" can also look like time spent in mundane tasks so the Campus Minister can spend more time ministering and less time administering. And yes, sometimes "support" means giving money so we can grow our program to match our participants--or at the very least keep feeding everyone (do you have any idea how much college students can eat?!?). 


Whatever means you feel called to, I ask you and thank you for your support of this ministry. If you would like to speak with me about specific needs that we have, I am more than happy to meet! Maybe while you're here, you'll be able to meet some of our incredible students firsthand.



                                                        Pax Christi,


                                                                        Cindy Cheshire

                                                                        Director and Campus Minister

There is much to do to keep the Newman Center running, and many hands make light work! Click the heading above to find out how you can offer one or a few hours to make a huge difference!

Do you have a talent for web design? A skill in carpentry? Do you love to cook for a group? Click on the heading above to see how your special talent can be used to grow our Christian community! 

One of the most significant ways you can help the Newman Center stay running is through a tax-deductible donation of either money or goods! Here, you can find out more about monthly giving, one time gifts, sponsorships, and find our wish list.


All donations are 100% applied to program (none cover administrative costs) and make a huge difference in the way we are able to minister! 

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Want to help us out but low on funds?


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