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The single most effective way to make an impact in our ministry!

All donations of goods and money are tax-deductible and used towards program--never toward administrative costs.


Monthly Giving

Wish List

One Time Gifts

Click below to find out more about sponsoring different program areas, including:

  • the kitchen

  • Alternative Spring Break Mission Trip

  • Happy Holy Hour (formerly Theology on Tap)

  • our Creighton FertilityCare Practice

By signing up for automatic monthly giving, you're not just supporting our ministry financially, you're also giving us the gift of security and sustainable programming.


Click below, scroll down to the "Donate" field, and select "Keene State College" to sign up today! 

We are always in great need of many donated items that you probably have sitting in your basement or attic! Click below to see a list of our current needs, examples of items we've appreciated in the past, and to contact the Director to arrange a pick up! 

One time gifts are always much appreciated and can be used for the program area of your choice, in the area of greatest need, or at the Director's discretion.


Click below, scroll down to "Donate" and select "Keene State College" to make your donation and the Director will be in touch soon to find out where you'd like your gift applied! 

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