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Help a specific area of need in the Newman Center in a big way, or an even bigger one! Pick the area and level of sponsorship you'd like to provide from the menu below, then scroll to the bottom of the page for more information.

Sponsor our Kitchen!

Food has played an integral part in Christian ministry and community since the Last Supper itself; when a community gathers around a table together, conversations flow, friendships are formed, and relationships deepen. When you sponsor the Newman Center kitchen, you’re helping us to minister to students from the inside out!

Kitchen Sponsorship: 1 week

A week-long kitchen sponsorship supplies enough food for one Sunday night gathering and snacks for the week


Kitchen Sponsorship: One Month

By sponsoring our kitchen for a month, you're supplying us with snacks and drinks for four Sunday night gatherings, plus four weeks of mid-week Common Room meet ups.


Kitchen Sponsorship: One Semester

College students eat a TON in the course of a semester! By sponsoring our kitchen for an entire semester, you're supplying 10 weeks of Sunday night gatherings, mid-week snacks and drinks, two weeks of stress eating during Midterms and Finals, and uncountable moments of fellowship and discussion over food. Thank you!


Kitchen Sponsorship: Special Event

Celebrating feasts and fasts is a big part of our Catholic identity, and once in awhile we love to be able to offer the students something more than chips and soda to celebrate a major feast day! Your Special Event sponsorship makes it possible for us to celebrate one of the following: Fall Semester: Welcome Back Gathering Feast of All Saints Annual Ugly Sweater Advent Party Spring Semester: Lenten Friday Soup Bowl Gatherings Easter Feast Year-End Celebration


Sponsor our Alternative Spring Break Mission Trip!

Once again this Spring Break, a group of students will be traveling to rural West Virginia to serve at the Bethlehem Farm, a Catholic work camp located in the heart of Appalachia. Here’s what your gift can provide:

Training Materials for our Team

You can provide our team with all the materials we use at the two mandatory training sessions held before the trip. This includes folders, training information on Appalachian culture and Bethlehem Farm's Four Cornerstones, and a Bethlehem Farm-style meal.


Gas for the Trip

Your gift covers gas for one car, one way!


Sponsor a Student

The students who go on our Alternative Spring Break tend to be some of the hardest working ones we have--they're the ones who take a full course load plus an internship, lead several extracurriculars, and work two jobs to pay for school. Going on this trip is a financial sacrifice for all of them, and your gift will help make this trip possible for one student who otherwise might not be able to go.


Sponsor a Special Program

We have a few special programs at the Newman Center that can always use some extra funding. If you feel passionately about one of these programs, your gift will help us make sure that it thrives!

Creighton FertilityCare Practice

We are able to offer our FertilityCare Practice services to students free of charge, but that doesn't mean it's free to run. Your donation helps supply charts, stickers, books, and other crucial charting and education supplies!


Happy Holy Hour

One of our most successful programs, Happy Holy Hour (formerly Theology on Tap) could use some donations to host speakers and book special locations!


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If you'd like to become a sponsor, 

please contact the Campus Minister here.

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