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Social Justice Resources

At our “Slumdog Professor” events in February 2013, students, faculty and community members dedicated themselves to working for social justice in our community.  The Newman Center made a dedication too–to providing guidance and resources for those who are going to be the change they want to see in the world.  In June 2015, Pope Francis published an encyclical on enivronmental justice that further challenges Catholics to be good stewards of Creation through wasting less, caring more, and watching what industries and practices we support through our purchases and habits.


Here are a few resources to get you started on creating a more just world, starting with you:

Consumer Activity

The Good Guide

A resource to check thousands of products for social and environmental practices, harmful chemicals and more.  This is extremely useful for those of us who want to make sure our money isn’t going to industries that support global slavery or environmental abuse.  There’s also a Good Guide App to use while you’re shopping–just scan a product’s barcode and get all its ratings!

Products of Slavery

An interactive map resource to get a good visual on what products are made by slaves and what regions of the world they’re coming from.

Modern Day Slavery

International Justice Mission

This is one of the organizations that Dr. Boaz Johnson supports in his work to end global slavery and human trafficking.  IJM infiltrates human trafficking and slavery rings, then brings in local authorities to bring perpetrators to justice, free victims, and equip them for a new life. Need a new idea for gift giving? IJM offers a great Gift Catalog that allows you to sponsor relief packages and missions anonymously or in the name of someone you love; for incredibly reasonable prices, you can sponsor a Comfort Kit to be given to a girl who was just rescued from sexual slavery or a Tool Pack that equips a recently freed family with the skills and tools they need to start a new trade and livelihood.


If you’re interested in starting an International Justice Mission 24JE (24-hour Justice Experience), contact the Newman Center Director! 

World Vision

Another great organization providing tangible good to those currently entrapped in cycles of poverty, slavery or human trafficking.  Gives opportunities for sponsoring a child, ways to volunteer your time, ideas on raising awareness, and more.

Amnesty International

An incredible organization that uses current laws and statutes to go into brothels and slavery rings and hold them accountable to the laws in each of their countries.  Also a great resource for education and current information.

I'm With Lincoln

Write to your Senator asking him or her to address modern day slavery and human trafficking in our country, find ways to help fund emancipation and abolitionist efforts, and more on this amazingly personalized resource.

Human Trafficking

The Polaris Project

A great resource for information on human trafficking statistics in the US and abroad, how to recognize the signs of human trafficking, and how to help report and stop it.

Covenant Eyes

Did you know that the pornography industry is a major source of human trafficking?  Many of the women in print and Internet pornography are there against their will, coerced and forced into the very movies and photos that 50% of men and teenagers consume daily.  Stop your support of this industry by signing up for Covenant Eyes, an Internet accountability and filtering service that keeps you away from adult sites and sends a monthly report of your Internet activity on computers and mobile devices to a trusted friend or mentor who will help you talk about the temptations you face.  


Stop by the Newman Center for a free copy of Matt Fradd’s excellent book on this topic, “Delivered”, which includes a promo code for a free 30 days from Covenant Eyes! If you are addicted to pornography and want an excellent online, anonymous, and free for students resource to break your addiction, check out

Environmental Justice


The Newman Center participates in TerraCycle, a program that takes commonly used consumer waste and turns it into post-consumer recycled goods. Trash cans, plastic shelving, wallets, bags and more are used from the Frito Lay chip bags we save from the Common Room!

Catholic Climate Covenant

Pope Francis' most recent encyclical "Laudato Si: On Care for Our Common Home" is just the most recent document in a long history of Catholic environmental justice. Why should Catholics care about climate change? Among other important reasons, care for God's Creation and because the people who bear the worst consequences of climate change are the ones who are already the most vulnerable: the poor.


Check out Catholic Climate Covenant for resources on this tradition in the Church, ways you can make real-world changes to do your part, and to take the St. Francis Pledge for care of Creation.

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