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Postcard Confessional

Inspired by the books, blogs and traveling exhibitions of PostSecret, and by the Catholic spiritual tradition of Confession, our Postcard Confessional seeks to connect the campus community through sharing our common burdens in a creative way.


Participants in the Postcard Confessional create anonymous postcards sharing a secret--positive, negative, serious or not--and then "post" them. It is up to them whether they want their postcard to be displayed or not, and there are resources on the back of each postcard to connect students to the Counseling Center, the Newman Center, or a priest if they want to speak with someone about their secret.


To date, we have over 300 postcards. In the Spring of 2019, most of these were displayed in the Redfern Arts Center lobby in a special Postcard Confessional exhibit, highlighting the breadth of the project and the fact that what we carry, we can carry together.


To bring the Postcard Confessional to your on-campus event,

check out our Events & Services page 


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