Wish List


We're always in need of several items that you probably have laying around your attic or basement! Or, if you want to make sure your gift goes to a specific item, you can donate it using one of the links below. Be sure to designate us as your charity of choice on Amazon Smile and GoodShop to get special deals and see your generosity go even farther toward helping our ministry! 

Exercise Balls and/or Bean Bags


As our community grows, we're finding seating in the Common Room to be a bit of a difficulty. If that Pilates class just didn't work out or if you have an old bean bag hanging around from your college days, we'd love to take it off your hands! Or, if you just want to donate an item, check out the exercise ball here and the bean bag here.

Keurig Coffee Maker 

Have you recently upgraded your Keurig to a newer model? We'd love to take your old one off your hands! We have a lot of coffee drinkers who trickle in throughout the day, so this one-serving-at-a-time system would help us keep them caffeinated while minimizing waste

Janitorial Supplies


Our floors have to put up with a stampede of students, plus the salt and grime of a New England winter. A quality vacuum and this automatic floor scrubber would make that upkeep so much easier--and free up the Campus Minister for more ministering and less scrubbing.

Floor Lamps


We'd love 2-3 brighter, sturdier lamps--like this one--and this motion sensor to go with it so we can save money and energy in the Common Room by having the lamps turn on only when someone walks in!