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Alternative Break Mission Trip Application

Welcome! We use the term "application" loosely for this process. It doesn't mean that we're looking to exclude participants; rather, we want to make sure that potential team members are physically, emotionally, and spiritually ready for a trip like this, which regularly pushes participants past their comfort zones.


It's more a dual discernment process--you decide if this trip is a good fit for you, and we decide if you're a good fit for the trip. If at any point you decide it's just not for you, let us know and we'll pull your application out of the pool! All applicants will be informed of their status by November 23rd.


You'll find all the documents you need for your application below! When you're finished, print them out and submit them to the Campus Minister's office by the due date

Welcome from the

Campus Minister

Background Documents


Read this document first! It'll let you know how to proceed with the application process.

Read these documents next--they're information about Bethlehem Farm, the trip, what kind of work we'll be doing, etc.


You'll want and need to know this before you apply, trust us.

Read the welcome letter?

Read the background documents?


Awesome! If you're still interested, here's you're application! Make sure you're filling out the correct application based on whether or not you've participated in our Mission Trip before!


Applications are due no later than November 20th!

The Team will be announced on November 23rd.

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