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The Saint of 9/11

Chances are, if you're reading this, you were around five years old when September 11, 2001 happened. So why should you care about a documentary about a Catholic priest who died on that day?

Simply put: because it's not just about how Father Mychal Judge died.

The world heard about Father Mychal Judge, also known as Victim 0001, on 9/11 but he was beloved to New Yorkers and just about everyone he met for a long time before then. He was a priest who was passionate about his vocation, a recovering alcoholic who used his struggles to empower others, a man unafraid to talk about the intersection of spirituality and sexuality, and a chaplain for the FDNY, among other attributes. He, along with many heroic others, ran into the World Trade Center to help, and his was the first body carried out the next day. Like so many saints, his death only served to spread the word about an already extraordinary life--and to, like the tragic events of that day, bring unity out of tragedy.

Come join us on Monday, September 12th for a screening of this award-winning documentary and a short panel discussion afterwards! In a testament to Father Mychal's unifying legacy, this event is being co-sponsored by us here at the Newman Center, the KSC Counseling Center, Common Ground, Pride and Step Up!

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