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You Won't Want to Miss This...

At our last Cor ad Cor Night, Father Steven Marcoux implored our community to not lose their idealism and shared some of his favorite quotes from books and figures growing up. It was an intimate look at a prominent figure in our community, and a stellar way to get Cor ad Cor Nights started!

This month, our guest speaker is Kati Preston, a Holocaust survivor, speaker, activist--and a woman with an incredible story and an incredible energy around her. From Kati's website:

"I was born in 1939, at the start of the Second World War, to a Hungarian Catholic mother and a Jewish father. My whole Jewish family of 28 members was exterminated in Auschwitz, but my life was saved by a Christian peasant girl, who hid me in her hay barn. I grew up in Hungary and Romania under communism, and then later immigrated to Israel. I studied in Paris, became a journalist and fashion designer in Israel, worked in fashion in New York, Lisbon, Milan and London where I ran my own large successful fashion business.

After moving to the US, I started the theatre company, designed costumes, and got involved in local politics. I started speaking because, as time passes, there are very few survivors left. Recently I wrote a book about my life: “Holocaust to Healing. Closing the Circle”, and I am now working on a book for middle schools. I feel it is vitally important not to forget history. I not only speak for the dead, but through my life story, I hope to teach tolerance and acceptance. Young people are living in an exceptional time these days. They are more informed, more open, and they are willing to listen, accept and embrace tolerance."

I've met Kati every year since I started this job; we both participate in the Cohen Center's annual Kristallnacht remembrance and each year she's told me that she wants to come speak to the students. "When I have the right group and a program that will do you justice", I've responded. This year is finally the year and I can't wait to welcome this extraordinary woman into our community and have her share her story with us.

Trust me, this is not a night you'll want to miss!

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