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Theology on Tap is Back! ...With a New Name

ToT is BACK! Well....sort of. Last year, I made the decision to change the name of our "we meet at a local bar or pub and talk about a topic of faith" monthly event for a few reasons. RENEW International's Theology on Tap is a fantastic program with roots 30 years ago in the Archdiocese of Chicago, where I first discovered it. It's a perfect format with a highly supportive set of resources. Unfortunately, that format and those resources are better suited for a large scale ministry in a huge city with a ton of expendable cash--and the Newman Center is none of those things. At the end of the day, I realized that we weren't using the ToT format or resources, and it seemed like a waste of money to buy a license every year simply to use a name.

So! Once a month, the young adults of drinking age in our group will continue to gather at local bars and pubs to discuss topics of faith at the Holy Happy Hour! Same event, different name, and our first event is coming up TOMORROW!

Join us at 6 pm for our first Holy Happy Hour of the year--the first in a two-part series on Angels and Demons in Christian tradition! Angels abound in the New Testament, but aren't involved in quite the same way in the Hebrew Bible--why is that? What about Guardian angels? What's the hierarchy? Is an Archangel the most powerful? Do they really exist? Join us for a burger and a pint and find out!

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