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Family Planning Services are Now FREE!

Well, I said it. And I meant it!

Yesterday, the NH Executive Council voted 3-2 to not renew their contracts with Planned Parenthood, taking nearly $650,000 of funding away from the organization. In my post from a couple days ago, I reported that I'd offered to my local representative that if the measure passed and Planned Parenthood was defunded, I would offer our Creighton Natural Family Planning services free of charge to low-income area families. It is a service that was recently added to the Newman Center offerings, thanks to the generosity of the pastors of the Monadnock Deanery churches. Although the Newman Center is a student-oriented ministry, I am pleased to offer this service to all women, couples, and families in the Monadnock area.

Well, my representative was one of the two that voted to keep the contracts, but the measure still passed and so: if you are in a low-income household and you are worried about being able to access family planning resources, you can now do so through our FertilityCare practice for FREE.

To learn more about our practice, click here!

Also, lucky for all of us here in the 603, there's Simcha Fisher, who compiled this incredibly awesome list of free preventative healthcare resources in New Hampshire.

God provides!

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